Functional & Group Training Specialist


Kettlebell Training Specialist


Olympic Weightlifting Training

Specialist Course

Accredited by
2.0 CECs
20 CECs
About the Course

Internationally Accredited Functional & Group Training Specialist Course with Kettlebell Training and Olympic Weightlifting Training Specialist is a compressive course specially designed to help Healthcare and Fitness professionals learn to conduct and interpret key exercises and group training exercise program.

You'll learn principles on which Functional  & Group, Kettlebell & Olympic Weightlifting Training is based and how to use them effectively in the practice

This course will allow participants to explore and familiarize themselves with modern exercise techniques and progressions,

Functional Training
Course Syllabus 
  •  Introduction to Functional & Group Training

  • Equipment used in Functional Training

  • Basics of Functional Training 

  • Four basic foundation of Human Movements

  • Basis for Functional and constructive Training

  • Operating Functional Intensity 

  •  Functional workout with Body Weight, Bands and Pulleys

  • Functional workout with Dumbbells and Kettlebells

  •  Functional workout with Medicine and Stability Balls

  •  Functional workout with Agility ladder, Hurdles and Battle ropes

  •  Functional & Group Program Designing

  • Functional Training Variables

  • Periodization Cycles for functional training 

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Kettlebell Training
Course Syllabus
  • Foundations and Basics of Kettlebell

  • Types of Movement

  • How to effectively teach the lifts for improved conditioning

  • Skill acquisition

  • Innovative applications of Kettlebell training in the areas of personal training, group instruction, overall functional and athletic performance

Olympic Weightlifting Training
Course Syllabus 
  • Introduction to Olympic Weightlifting

  • Understanding & Learning the Lifts

  • Recognize Squats, Deadlift errors

  • Prep for Hang Clean, Power Jerk, Power Snatch

  • Grip pattern, Foot position, Transition

  • Lift Mobility

  • Assisted exercises for movement progression

  • Breathing & Trunk Rigidity pattern

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3 days

Time - 10am to 4pm IST

Fri to Sun



  • Kettlebell Training Specialist

  • Olympic Weightlifting Training Specialist



Functional & Group Training Specialist


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