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Master Personal Training Program
16 Ceritfications Program

Diploma in Personal Training
 in Special Population
(11 x ACE + ACSM 
Approved Certificates)

Diploma Overview

World's No.1 Master in Personal Training Program with 16 Certifications is specially designed to provide the most current, highest quality education available. You will learn the latest evidence-based exercise science fundamentals and client-centered methodologies you can apply from the start.

Are you passionate about fitness and helping others achieve their health goals? If you dream of becoming a highly skilled and sought-after Personal Trainer, look no further than the Master Personal Training Program offered by Prehab 121 Academy.

As a personal trainer, you know just how important education is to your growth and success in the industry. But sometimes, it's hard to find a program that fits your unique needs and goals. Well, fear not, because the Master Personal Training Program from Prehab 121 Academy is here to help. 

With our Master Personal Trainer Program, you'll receive top-notch training that will help you assess your client's unique body structure and how it reacts to movement, providing personal direction so they can see real, long-lasting results. The best part? This program is recognized by Skill India, SPEFL SC, and other relevant bodies, so you know you're getting a quality education. ​​


Online + Offline

4 Months Program

Live Online + Offline Classroom Lectures

2 weeks Offline Practical Classes (Optional)

5 Days Online Classes 

Mon Wed Fri

12pm to 2pm


Sat & Sun

 10am to 2pm

Live Classes will also be recorded to be watched as per convenience 

certificate from Prehab 121 academy

Master Personal Trainer

Diploma in Personal Training
Diploma in Special Population

SPEFL SC Level 5 Certified P
ersonal Fitness Trainer
Prehab 121 Certified Personal Trainer

Certificates from ACE+ ACSM approved

ACE Logo.gif
ACSM Logo.png
  • Sports & Exercise Nutrition 

  • Prehab & Rehab Specialist 

  • Posture & Functional Corrective Exercise Specialist

  • Strength & Conditioning Training Specialist

  • Functional & Group Training Specialist

  • Mat Pilates Training Specialist 

  • Antenatal Postnatal Pilates Training Specialist 

Certificates from ACSM

  • Olympic Weightlifting Specialist

  • Resistance Band Training Specialist

  • Weight Loss Training Specialist

  • Metabolic Training Specialist



Rs 34,900/-

(Valid till 20th April)

Normal Fees

Rs 80,000/-

USD $1000

(For International Students)

Program Syllabus
Module 1 - Anatomy, Physiology, Biomechanics & Assessment
  • Human Anatomy

  • Exercise Physiology

  • Cardiovascular Physiology

  • Exercise & Functional Biomechanics

  • Musculoskeletal Assessment

  • Cardiovascular Assessment

  • Postural Assessment

  • Functional (Prehab Assessment Tool)

Module 2 - Personal Trainer 
ACE Syllabus
  • Role and Scope of Practice for the Personal Trainer

  • Principles of Adherence and Motivation

  • Communication and Teaching Techniques 

  • Integrated Fitness Training Model and its practical application

  • Functional Programming for Stability-Mobility and Movement

  • Resistance Training: Programming and Progressions

  • Cardiorespiratory Training: Programming and Progressions

Leg Injury
Module 3 - Injury Prevention, Rehabilitation & Return to Sports
  • Common Musculoskeletal Injuries

  • Prehab 121 protocols for Intermediate to late stage exercise programs - Activation, Early Strengthening, Advanced Strengthening, Plyometrics, Return to Sport Exercises

  • Role of criteria based progressions

  • Return to Sport Testing

  • Injury Prevention Programs

  • Corrective Exercise Strategies - Inhibitory, Lengthening, Activation & Mobility

  • Rationale for Corrective Exercise

Module 4 - Nutrition for Sports and Performance
  • Introduction to Sports & Exercise Nutrition

  • Macronutrients & Micronutrients, Water & Electrolytes

  • Body Composition, Energy Systems

  • Effects of Exercise on various Body Systems

  • Energy Requirements for Athletes

  • Dietary Supplements & Sports Performance

  • Pre & Post Workout Nutritions

  • Diet Planning & Management

Weight Lifter
Module 5 - Strength and Conditioning Training
  • Athlete Assessment & Evaluation

  • Coaching Principles

  • Periodization + Long Term Athlete Development

  • Plan, Prepare and Deliver Strength and Conditioning for Sport

  • Designing Individual Strength and Conditioning Sessions

  • Designing A Proper Strength Training Warm-Up

Module 6 - Sports Functional Training
  •  Introduction to Functional & Group Training

  • Equipment used in Functional Training

  • Basics of Functional Training 

  • Four basic foundation of Human Movements

  • Basis for Functional and constructive Training

  • Operating Functional Intensity 

  •  Functional workout with Body Weight, Bands and Pulleys

  • Functional workout with Dumbbells and Kettlebells

  •  Functional workout with Medicine and Stability Balls

  •  Functional workout with Agility ladder, Hurdles and Battle ropes

  •  Functional & Group Program Designing

  • Functional Training Variables

  • Periodization Cycles for functional training 

OWL 1.jpeg
Module 7 - Performance Enhancement

Olympic Weightlifting + Kettlebell Training

  • Understanding & Learning the Lifts

  • Recognize Squats, Deadlift errors

  • Prep for Hang Clean, Power Jerk, Power Snatch

  • Grip pattern, Foot position, Transition

  • Foundations and Basics of Kettlebell

  • Types of Movement

Resistance Band Training

  • Types of resistance devices- Bands, Loops, Pull up Band, Tubes)

  • Practical Demonstration of Stretching, Postural strengthening & Strength training

  • Program design for Resistance Band Training

  • Correct Imbalances and Improve Posture 

Module 8 - Antenatal & Postnatal Pilates 
  • The Mat Pilates method from beginner to advanced level

  • Contraindication & precautions of prenatal exercise

  • Prenatal exercise prescription

  • First trimester | Second trimester | Third trimester - Strengthening and Stretching

  • T Zone Activation & Breathing Pattern

  • Postnatal - Evaluation & Abdominal Rehabilitation

  • Benefits of postnatal exercises for mother and child

  • Risk and Contraindications

  • C-section – Post op management & precaution

  • Postnatal evaluation & exercise prescription

  • Class Setup & Management

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Next Batch Starts Date -  18th May 2024 onwards

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