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About the Course
  • The Prehab 121 Certified Special Population Specialist Course is specially designed to help you learn how to individually assess, motivate and train special population client's unique body structure and how it reacts to movement and provide personal direction so they can see real long-lasting results. 

  • This course provides in-depth knowledge to train special population clients and design safe and effective exercise programs

  • This course provides in-depth knowledge to understand the body's muscle and skeletal structure and how they respond to exercise and movements. The course content has been designed to develop your appreciation of the human body and its functions so that upon successful completion you can instruct special population clients on the importance of a healthy lifestyle in addition to a regular workout program. ​

  • Our aim is to effectively prepare you for professional employment upon successful completion of this course, so we focus on providing enhanced practical and professional skills through a combination of online lectures and case studies.

Man with Amputee Lifting Weight
Course Syllabus

Module 1 : Basic Pathophysiology 

Module 2 : Cardiovascular training exercises and precautions

Module 3 : Pulmonary training exercises and precautions

Module 4 : Metabolic training exercises and precautions

Module 5 : Musculoskeletal problems - Osteoporosis, Limb Amputations, Osteoarthritis, Spinal disorders, Muscle and ligament injuries.

Module 6 : Pregnant and Postpartum Exercises

Module 7 : Client Consultation & Fitness Evaluation 

Module 8 : Exercise Program - Planning & Delivery

Module 9 : Coaching Techniques

Module 10 : Client Outcome variables and Questionnaire

Module 11: Exercise-induced changes to body systems

Module 12: Work:Rest Periods, Recovery and Unloading, and Training


4 weeks 

30+ hours of Interactive Live Online Classroom 

Theory + Practical sessions

20+ hours Self Learning 


Special Population Specialist


50% Theory

50% Practical & Viva


Rs 5,000/- 

Batch Start Date - 15th November 2020 onwards

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