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How to be productive during the COVID19 Crisis as a Health and Fitness Professional

In our coronavirus-inflicted world, so many new and previously unimagined challenges affected us. As health and fitness professionals we are not able to see patients and clients, be it in the clinic, gym or home due to the worry of COVID19 spread.

So what to do during these tough times?

1. TeleHeath / Video Consultations & sessions.

We all need to find a way to sustain in these tough times. Though this may not be the most ideal way, at least you can retain existing patients and clients as you all know their history & assessments. You can provide them with a few services like the next phase of rehab exercises, workouts, and conditioning plans. You can give them free plans to continue at home, a way to show you care.

2. Get yourself educated with online courses

This for sure will help you build a better career in the future. As you can learn new through online workshops and courses, which can add value to your work

3. The next big thing 💡

Focus on building your base stronger which will take your career to the next level. This is the time to educate, interact and collaborate to build a better outcome for your clients and patients.

P.S: We at Prehab 121 Academy are offering Online Mat Pilates, Antenatal & Postnatal Care workshops and Certified Sports and Exercise Nutrition courses.

For more information about the workshops and courses ☎ Call / WhatsApp - 9765705580


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