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Yoga Fitness Trainer Online Course Southeast Asia

Accredited by
3.2 CEUs
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About the Course

Internationally Accredited Yoga Fitness Trainer Course is specially designed to help Healthcare, Fitness professionals and Individuals to revolutionize the way they train themselves and clients.

Learn to master the art of yoga in fitness with this 4 weeks course. Learn to teach different styles of yoga. Discover the countless benefits of yoga, and how to create an easy-flowing class for all fitness levels. You will learn how to teach in one-on-one environment, a yoga studio as well as practice virtual as an online yoga fitness instructor.​

The relaxation techniques incorporated in yoga can lessen chronic pain, such as lower back pain, arthritis, headaches. Yoga can also help in lowering blood pressure and reduce insomnia.

This course will help in gaining the right knowledge, tools to be a part of this ever rising field and highly valued career. You will be learning key yoga asanas and progressions, as well as how to design, construct and implement.

Course Outline 

You will learn through this course:

  • Anatomy & Biomechanics of Human Body in regards to Yoga

  • Fundamentals & Principles of Yoga

  • Yoga Breathing Techniques

  • Introduction to Meditation - Relaxation Asanas and Meditation Asanas.

  • Yoga Asanas: Sitting & Supine

  • Yoga for Mobility & Flexibility and it's practical approach in Fitness

  • Yoga Asanas: Standing & Kneeling

  • Yoga for Strength and Endurance, it’s practical approach in Fitness

  • Trunk Integration in Yoga

  • Inversions in Yoga

  • Class Format: how to incorporate asanas in class

  • Yoga in Rehabilitation

  • Yoga in Sports

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Meet the Instructor

Nattamon Romero

Nattamon Romero has been in fitness industry for over 15 years in Asia countries. She started her journey in fitness industry as certified Les Mills Body Balance, Body Jam and Body Step instructor in Thailand since 2004. She is also a Certified Pilates Suspension Method (PSM) Instructor by Rebecca Beckler (The Creator of the Pilates Suspension Method), Balance Body® Mat Pilates Instructor, International Yoga Teacher by Shiva Yoga India, Catwalk Confidence Instructor (Barre Foot Exercises Specilaist) by Dr. Emily Splichal (a New York City Podiatrist, Human Movement Specialist and Global Leader in Barefoot Science and Rehabilitation), Fit For Birth® Pre-Post Natal Corrective Exercises Specialist, Rehab Fitness Specialist & Corrective Exercise Specialist by Prehab121, Barre Intensity® Master Trainer and Training Director of South East Asia.

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Nupur, Physiotherapist 

I just completed my Yoga Fitness Trainer course from Prehab 121 Academy. It was an amazing experience. The instructor Aishwarya is very knowledgable and approachable. She goes right to the basics and builds up around the fundamentals which is very essential. I was little worried about doing the course online since Yoga needs to be supervised properly, but she was very attentive and would correct us if we were making any mistakes.

I definitely feel confident after doing the course. I would highly recommend this course

Priyanka, Personal Trainer

The Yoga Fitness Trainer course was amazing and very professional course. This course clears the basics for yoga and guides us more on how our body works in terms of flexibility, breathing, posture and mobility pastern in Yoga. 


Aishwarya is a really cool instructor and guides each and everyone present in the class. 

This is course is great if anymore see their future in Yoga this is the course to go for. I highly recommend this course and all courses from Prehab 121 Academy.

Moze, Event Manager

I am an intermediate level Yoga practitioner since last 10 years. I came across this course and it truly changed the way I used to perform asanas. This course will teach you right from the basics of Yoga, its fundamentals and the right way to perform asanas in different position and variations to suit all types of flexibility. 

The anatomy taught in respect to Yoga has definitely strengthened my foundation and my outlook towards Yoga.

Highly recommend this course 


4 Weekends

30 hours of Live Online Practical Classroom

Weekend Batch 

Timings - 1pm ro 4pm (ICT)




Yoga Fitness Trainer 


Yoga Asana Demonstration 


$ 350/-

Early Bird $ 300/-

Till 15th Feb 2021

Batch Start Date - 6th March onwards 2021

For more information & Registration

Email -

Call/ Whatsapp - +91 9765705580

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