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Mobility Training Workshop

About the Course
  • The Prehab 121 and Functional Body Unit's Mobility Training Workshop is specially designed to help Healthcare and Fitness professionals and Individuals to revolutionize the way they train themselves and clients.

  • Our 2 day online Mobility Training workshop is a training method that improves your mobility, stability and strength. This method helps improve joint mobilization and deep fascial stretching to increase performance and reduce risk of injury

  • In this workshop we dive deep into the world of mobility training all its myths and overlooked aspects as well as deeper understanding of stretching being part of the bigger picture

  • We will use different tools to improve range of motion, muscle activation and coordination to build a strong foundation for better movement.​

Course Outline 

Day 1

  • Difference between Flexibility & Mobility

  • Controlled Articular Rotations (CARs) introduction

  • Follow Along CARs Kinstretch Class

  • Different CARs Levels

  • CARs lets get moving

  • Is mobility training superior to stretching?

  • The Stretch Physiology Why Stretching? How to stretch?

  • Is there a best way to start mobility training?

  • Joint anatomy & rules of mobility training


Day 2

  • Sports & the different demands to the body

  • How much mobility do i need?

  • Introduction & Basics of Isometrics

  • Introduction into Advanced Mobility Techniques

  • How to use simple equipment like resistance bands yoga blocks or sticks for mobility training


Meet the Instructors


Certified Personal Trainer

Mobility Specialist FRCms

Kinstretch Level 1 Instructor

FRAs Functional Range Assessment Specialist

Nutrition Coach

Certified Functional Training Advanced+

  • Instagram


Certified Personal Trainer

FRC mobility specialist

Kinstretch Level 1 Instructor

Nutrition Coach

Functional Trainer Advanced

FRAs (Functional Range Assessment specialist)

  • Instagram
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2 Days

8 hours of Live Online


USD 200

Date - 27th & 28th June 2020

For more information & Registration -

Email -

Call/ Whatsapp - +91 9765705580

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