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There is more to Rehab than Physical Therapy

Physical therapy alone is not Holistic Rehab when we talk about Injury Management & Prevention. Physical therapy or manual therapy is important to begin with for initial injury recovery. As clients progress with physical therapy there's a need for Rehab with integration of Advance Strength

Tissue healing is important before starting bodyweight training this is where early strengthening with Isometric and Resistance Band exercises need to be initiated. Phase wise progression protocol post early strengthening is something which is not covered in clinical practices which is where Prehab & Rehab Specialist course helps in understanding further planning

Modality based treatment which includes manipulation, mobilization, traction and other clinical modalities is not Rehab its Treatment which is Non exercise based. Clients need strengthening to be able to perform activities and return back to sports this is where a structured phase wise rehab progressive exercises plays a crucial role.

For example, almost everyone with a knee issue can benefit from releasing tight muscular structures and going for resistance band activation around the hip and knee but what about functional strength. Clients need functional strength for daily activities like stair climbing, walking on uneven surfaces, bending and lifting which requires bodyweight unilateral strength.

For overcoming these daily challenges an effective rehabilitation programming from the clinic to the gym is important. Rehab is an effective phase wise and injury-response based that allows for minimal stress to the healthy tissues while still protecting injured tissues. Such Rehab protocol are missing in current generic exercises prescribed in the clinical setting.

Therefore, to be effective at Rehab Management, we need to understand

- Mechanism of Injury & what to avoid post injury

- Understanding Injury Recovery and Tissue Healing Times to avoid delay in rehabilitation and progression.

- Identify pain-free Mobility & Movements to start with early strengthening

- Identify Early to Late Stage Rehab Exercise Prescription to plan an holistic training program

Full syllabus & information about the course is on the website

For more information about the course & Registration ☎ Call / WhatsApp – 9765705580


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