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Prehab 121 Stick, Functional Mobility & Movement Assessment Workshop 

Course Overview


Our 2 day hands on SFMMA workshop will revolutionize the way you train yourself and your clients.

Stick, Functional Mobility & Movement Assessment (SFMMA) is a training method that improves your mobility, movement stability and identify how to train the right way with precision in order for individuals to achieve their optimal fitness, performance and return from injury goals.

SFMMA uses different tools to identify limitations or imbalances, improve range of motion, muscle activation and coordination to build a strong foundation for better movement. These tools are key to measure quality in individuals with pain or dysfunctions.

What will be covered -


👉 Functional Movement Assessment - Take your client’s movement quality and fitness to the next level with the right assessment.


👉 Functional Mobility Correctives - Effectively enhance mobility, body awareness, coordination, and strength


👉 Mobility Training - Learn how to use Sticks, Sliders resistance bands to improve mobility


👉 Activation exercises for mind muscle connection - Learn the role of mobility, motor control, and functional patterns in fundamental movement.

Conducted by
Dr Shuaa Ghare (PT)

Education & Credentials


  • Masters of Sports Physiotherapy

  • FMS Certified Specialist.

  • Co - Founder MultiFit Prehab Physiotherapy and Academy

  • Knee and Spine Rehabilitation Specialist.

Dr Arva Maqsud (PT)

Education & Credentials


  • Bachelors of Physiotherapy

  • Knee and Spine Rehabilitation Specialist

  • Foam Roller - Self Myofascial Release Specialist

  • Mobility Specialist

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