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What Are Clients Say?

Ryan Samson - Football Player

I have been seeing Luqman for several weeks. He has been helping me to get back to running without ankle pain and to improve the range of motion in my left ankle. His initial assessment was thorough and he was able to determine what was happening and how to treat it. During my follow-up sessions, he maintained a large focus on manual therapy which provided immediate results. He is also very informative, explaining his reasoning behind why he is doing something to make sure that I understand and uses my feedback consistently. It has been a great experience, highly recommended!

Chayya Hoondlani - Reliance Brands

I have had an excellent experience with Shuaa at Prehab 121. She was so insightful in terms of how my physical issues were connected with some of my stressors. She did some great work with getting my wrist and shoulder issues resolved. She supported me when I need reminders on my exercises and stretches. In addition, booking was very easy both online and in person.

Pravin Patil - International Gymnastics
Harshneil More - VMware

Was very fortunate to work with Luqman during my recovery after tearing my ACL. Luqman always found the right balance between pushing me to progress while ensuring I never felt uncomfortable. He is both knowledgeable and encouraging and would regularly check in with me between appointments to ensure I was making out okay with the exercises he provided. My surgeon was thrilled with my progress and definitely have Luqman to thank for his thoughtfully designed program. Would highly recommend seeing Luqman to help with your recovery from any type of injury!

I set up my BodyScan appointment with Luqman, because I was suffering from repeated IT Band and knee pain. In about 6 months time I ran a full marathon! On top of the standard manual therapy, Luqman was able to find the root cause of my issues and helped me set up a running training program and running specific exercise routine to help me reach my full marathon goal. He is very knowledgeable and he always makes an effort to explain the root cause of my problems and how to correct issues over time. Luqman and the rest of the Prehab 121 staff are always welcoming and friendly, and will make sure your experience is great from the moment you walk in the door until the day you are fixed.

Sunit Ashar

I came to Luqman for a back injury, and I found his treatment really effective and down to the point! After our first session together I felt immediate and ongoing improvement, and he was able to give me a really detailed initial assessment which he explained thoroughly. He was super knowledgable, straightforward, and didn't waste time solving the problem. I'm positive you will not be disappointed with Luqman. Prehab 121 itself is a well designed studio. It's bright, with lots of natural light, and is well-equipped for treatment. I always enjoy my time at Prehab 121 and feel fresh and restored after.

My mother had tennis elbow for more than 2 years. She visited Dr Luqman and in just a few sessions her pain has reduced and mobility has increased significant overtime. Overall, I would highly recommend Luqman and his team at Prehab 121

Alex Pankaj
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